Brocorens Bervoets Defauw

■ Commercial law:

  • drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to distribution, supply, agency, licencing, franchising, etc.
  • competition law and trade practices.
  • media law, entertainment law and new technologies, along with internet law and questions related to the protection of privacy.


■ Corporate law:

  • Advising and managing of company law related questions : formation of companies, drafting and counselling of shareholder’s agreements, company’s statutes, alliances, etc.
  • Administrative services related to Belgian corporate law requirements: limited liability companies, non profit o rganizations, etc.


■ Intellectual property law:

  • Advising, counseling ad litigation of matters related to I.P. rights : trade marks, services and products, copyright, author’s right, patent, trade secrets, know how, drawings and models, commercial names, neighbouring rights, etc.
  • Advising and drafting of contracts, including trasnfer of rights, licensing contracts, editors contracts, etc.
  • Advising on prevention of conflicts and litigation.
  • Advising and management of litigation, including counterfeiting and trademarks infringements.


■ Real estate and lease law:

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to all aspects of real estate, including the drafting of lease contracts, whether residential and/or commercial.
  • Management of litigation.
  • Management, administration and practical opinions for matters related to real estate.

■ Employment law:

  • General Advise and litigation before the Belgian tribunals and courts.
  • Advising, drafting of contracts and negotiation of employment related matters, including any matters related to confidential information, no competition clauses, trade secrets, etc.

■ Art law:

  • Advising and managing of art/law related matters, including reproduction rights, gallery and artists contracts, image rights, photography, moral rights, etc.
  • Prevention and/or litigation.
  • Drafting of contracts relating to art/law aspects for museums, collectors, private or public, Foundations and non-profit organization, artist and gallery, etc.

■ Civil an family law:

  • General advise and litigation of matters related to individuals and private law.

■ Litigation:

  • Advising and litigation before the belgian tribunals/courts.
  • Arbitration.
  • Exequatur and enforcement of foreign judicial decisions/awards.

■ US and Californian law:

  • For any questions related to US and/or California law, litigation, and practice, we work closely with Stimmel, Stimmel & Smith, P.C., a San Francisco based general practice law firm.


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